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Collective for sustainable digital transformation

Be part of the change. Become digitally sustainable.


Who we are

The collective for sustainable digital transformation works on recommendations for actionable measures for Swiss companies to:

  • become more sustainable by using and developing sustainable software

  • enhance digital sustainability by a more reasonable life cycle of hardware

  • reduce the environmental footprint of Swiss companies' IT assets


Currently, ongoing digital transformation processes have a profound impact on almost all aspects of businesses and private life. These rapid transformations are at present mostly driven by large tech companies, which have evolved from predominantly advert-driven market mechanisms.

Who is our target audience 

  • Companies with IT Departments

  • Companies who develop digital solutions

  • Business associations and initiatives that can help us spread the word about digital sustainability

Emerging Issues

With the growing importance of digital services in our daily life, their contribution to our environmental impact is also increasing. Business models with computational infrastructure and devices boost rapid replacement cycles of hardware, with a considerable impact in terms of emissions and depletion of natural resources.

What do we want to tell them

  • We want to raise awareness among our audiences for the challenges and opportunities of digital sustainability and engage them to take action for more digital sustainability. 

  • We use the digital sustainability blueprint to show the interdependence of digital sustainability (coding) and sustainable digitization (infrastructure and energy use).

Definition of Sustainability in the Digital Domain

Digital sustainable approaches aim at the benefit of all, moderating the power and control of single actors. Concurrently, they minimize the impact on the environment and resources in accordance to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Our commitment

Members of the collective commit to the Charter of the Institute of Digital Responsibility and contribute their knowledge and network to promote sustainability in the digital sphere.

Join us in our journey to sustainable digital transformation and commit to our values and vision by clicking on the button below and completing the commitment form!

Sustainable Digitalization


Digitalization as means of sustainable development.

Use the potential of digitalization to save resources: 

  • Video conferencing to avoid air travel (in our collective, we like to use Big Blue Button).

  • Reduce waste of food and other decaying resources by better information management.

Minimize negative consequences of digitalization:

  • Sustainability criteria for selection of IT solutions; eg. reduce consumption of electricity in data centres (Green IT) or video conferencing.

  • Avoid devices as life-style gadgets with ‘planned obsolescence’.

Digital Sustainability


Digitalization as a purpose of sustainable development.

Use the potential of digitalization to spread free knowledge:

  • Open Content such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc. is accessible to all people.

Minimize negative consequences of digitalization:

  • Use open source software to reduce dependencies on IT manufacturers.

  • Fair working conditions in the production.


Business Cases


What are the advantages for your companies to adhere to digital sustainability:


Transparency on Data

Transparent dataflows to comply with legal requirements for personal data, enhance IT security, trust building at customers and collaborators


Sustainable Life Cycle

Modular and transparent approaches to avoid potentially disruptive replacement of monolithic block of 'all-inclusive' solutions, reduce waste of resources


Avoid Lock-In mechanisms

Proprietary formats disable a transfer to alternative providers – Open source makes collaboration possible and fosters innovation


Create Value

Do good and talk about it. With our big network, you have the ability to exchange and find new ideas.

Steering group and partners

Maryline Dafflon.jpg
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Maryline Dafflon

STI Regional Coordinator Fribourg & Neuchâtel

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Ivan Mariblanca Flinch

Co-Lead and expert for sustainable digitalization

Founder and CEO of Canopé

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Jannis Valaulta

Co-Lead and expert for digital sustainability

Member of the Board at CH Open

Organization Committee DINAcon

Partner at SPOUD AG

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Christoph Schmid

Co-Lead and expert for sustainable digitalization

Member and lead of working group at Digitale Gesellschaft

Digital Sustainability Lead at Canopé

Supervisor at Centramed AG

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