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LMNT consultancy offers its various technical, scientific, architectural and strategic expertise to accompany companies in the realisation of projects in the field of energy and solar energy. LMNT also assists in the identification and implementation of actions to bring the company towards a business model anchored in sustainable growth objectives.

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Direct contribution to SDGs

Type of Pledge

Goal 1

By 2025, all of our technical mandates in the service of the energy transition for Swiss and European companies, public and/or private authorities result in the installation of solar panels for a total of at least 2.7 MW*.

* That is 80 % of LMNT's mandates. 100 % of the solar panels proposed are of European manufacture.

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Core business

Goal 2

By 2024, 50 % of our revenue will come from mandates assigned to women entrepreneurs, engineers, and architects.

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Internal operations

Goal 3

By 2024, we achieve carbon neutrality (Scopes 1 & 2) and commit to the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative.

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Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2023, we invest 5 % of our annual revenues in raising awareness on climate issues and renewable energy solutions among young people.

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Collective Action

Scope of Pledges:

LMNT consultancy sàrl operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework apply to the sustainability policy for all operations of LMNT consultancy sàrl in Switzerland. The company is therefore responsible for their implementation within the limits of its field of activity.

Note: By 2023 systematically indicates the end of the year, meaning: By the end of 2023 (unless otherwise defined, such as fiscal year) 

Other Commitments