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V-ZUG is the leading Swiss brand for household appliances and also markets its products in selected premium markets abroad. For over 100 years, V-ZUG has been developing and producing appliances for the kitchen and washroom in Switzerland and offers a comprehensive service in all markets.

Other Commitments

Housewares / Home Furnishings / Accessories

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Marcel Niederberger

Leiter Nachhaltigkeit


Company's pledges

Goal 1

Core business

By 2030, we increase the energy and water efficiency of all equipment brought to market by 5 %*.

* Based on the fleet efficiency: Consumption of all sold or rented appliances within a year, multiplied by annual consumption based on the label values.


Goal 2

Core business

By 2030, we reduce the environmental impact of our newly developed products by 5 %, based on reference point of the previous model*.

* According to the LCA Method with the unit UBP (EcoPoints), based on the Ecological Scarcity Method developed by the Federal office for the Environment, on every new product development.


Goal 3

Internal operations

By 2030, we reduce remaining greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1 & 2 at all our production sites by 80 %*.

* Compared with 2020 (already CO2 neutral since 2020, trough offsetting with CO2 removal by investing in afforestation project V-Forest).


Goal 4

Internal operations

From 2021 onwards, we annually reduce the number of accidents by 5 %, with a long-term "Zero Accident Vision" *.

* Based on 2020 figures, measured as Lost Time Injury (minor accidents: absence < 3 days, and ordinary accidents: absence > 3 days).


Goal 5

Internal operations

By 2025, we increase the proportion of women in the leadership team including Board of Directors across the group to more than 25 %*.

* Overall female proportion at V-ZUG groupwide between 20-22 % (past 3 years). Ambition to reach parity over time.

Scope of pledges

Scope of Pledges: 

V-ZUG Group operates in various markets around the world through a number of subsidiaries with clear operational and commercial boundaries. The pledges taken within the STI framework relate either to the three production sites (pledge 1 and 4) or across the entire group (2, 3 and 5).

Note: By 2025 systematically indicates the end of the year, meaning: By the end of 2025 (unless otherwise defined, such as fiscal year) 

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