The fees for participating in the Swiss Triple Impact Program depend on your company’s annual turnover. 


The first step is free for any company, and if you decide to become an official STI Participant, you will find the fees for each step below. 

When signing up, you can decide to directly register for Step 2 only or Steps 2&3, which will provide you with a 15% discount.


More information on the table below:

Programme Fees

Step 2+3

(Discount 15%)

Annual Turnover (CHF)

Step 2 - Participant

a. Prioritization Workshop

b. Implementation Worksho

Optional: Thematic Event

Step 3 - STI Directory member

Please note that these are one-shot fees and not yearly fees, with an applicable VAT rate of 7.7%. 

If you have any questions about the program’s fees, feel free to contact us at