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How to join the program?

There are several ways to join the program depending on your level of maturity in sustainability and your industry. In addition to the standard pathway, we offer a fast-track option for companies that already have gained maturity in their sustainability strategies, a value-chain activation pathway to engage your stakeholders, as well as sectoral pathways for companies within the same industries. 

Standard pathway
Standard Pathway 🥾
This is the general pathway for participants. You will take part in the workshops with other businesses from various sizes and sectors and will be guided through each step until reaching the STI Directory. To get started, you just need to fill in the registration form below.
Other Pathways
In addition to the standard pathway, we offer other pathways depending on your level of maturity in sustainability and your industry.
Fast Track ⏩

The STI Fast Track accelerated pathway is designed for companies which already have sustainability targets aligned with the SDGs, to publish them in a national showcase together with other STI Directory Leaders.

To be eligible, companies confirm that they have filled out the Self-check Document below for their 3-5 sustainability pledges, and that they are compliant with the STI Directory requirements.

To make sure your company is eligible for the Fast Track, please send us your 3-5 goals and we will get back to you shortly.

Fast track
Value Chain Activation 🔗

The Value Chain Activation pathway brings together companies along the same value chain. Companies decide to engage their suppliers, distributors and/or clients in the program, to improve and amplify their impact collectively. 


If you’re interested in embarking your stakeholders with you, please contact us and let us know your needs.

Sectoral pathways
Industry associations and sectoral pathways 🏗️🏢

It is also possible to join the program with companies from the same industry, or with members of the same association. This pathway allows you to address common challenges with peers through co-creation sessions fostering the emergence of innovative solutions.

Sectoral pathways have already been created for the construction, real estate, IT, legal and social sectors. If you're interested in embarking on industry peers, please contact us and let us know your needs.

What our participants say about the program

Being part of the STI will help you understand how your company can really play a role in achieving the rather impressive UN SDG Goals. No finger-pointing, but constructive discussions to help you become more sustainable thanks to actionable targets. Exchanges with experts and other participating companies are enriching and expect the unexpected from all the encounters!

Chollada Iff and Joanna Massacand

Co-Founders, Kaio Swim

Standard Pathway

Join the STI Programm now!

Do none of our pathways correspond do your needs?

If none of our pathways correspond to your needs, we will be happy to create a tailor-made option for you. Please contact us to co-design the perfect pathway for you.

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