Regional Platforms

Regional platforms adapt to the local ecosystem, connect local actors involved in business or sustainability, and address specific regional topics.

The Swiss Triple Impact is a unique national program that engages businesses throughout entire Switzerland. The program runs throughout the country, with seven regional platforms that host the Swiss Triple Impact workshops and activities. 

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If there is no platform in your region, you can join most the convenient one for you.


Joining Regional Platforms

Businesses who join the program will be able to interact with other businesses in their region through the activities of the Regional Platforms throughout Switzerland. 

More growth

  • Increase financial performance

  • Identify new business opportunities

Lower risks

  • Increase business resilience

  • Anticipate regulatory changes and maintain a competitive advantage

More trust

  • Meet evolving consumer demands and expectations

  • Attract and retain talent

Lower costs

  • Reduce costs by optimizing use of resources

  • Avoid future costs by complying to sustainability requirements

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Partner with the STI as a local business association

As a business-related association, you can partner with the STI, giving your organization a strong positioning and giving your members access to a number of benefits.   

  • ​​Your members benefit from a discounted access to the program

  • ​Develop data and analysis of the socio-environmental impact of the industry at a national level

  • Take leadership in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 at regional and national level 

  • Foster public-private partnerships

To join the program as a local association, please get in touch with the coordinator in your region.

Discover who is already onboard

Chantal (1)_edited.jpg
Chantal Calame
STI Bern Coordinator
Patrick Semadeni
STI Bern Promoter
Fribourg, Neuchâtel & Arc Jurassien
Maryline Dafflon_edited.jpg
Maryline Dafflon
STI Fribourg & Neuchâtel Coordinator
Geneva & Vaud
Elisabeth Pfund.jpg
Elisabeth Pfund
STI Geneva & Vaud Coordinator
MIrko Bianchi copia 3_edited.jpg
Mirko Bianchi
STI Ticino Coordinator
Josephine Herzig
Josephine Herzig
Co-Director Engagement Programs
barbara chastellain_edited.jpg
Barbara Chastellain
STI Valais Coordinator
Other regions
Regional platforms coming soon...!

Please contact the coordinator in the most convenient region for you.