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Share your journey with the Swiss Triple Impact

We want to highlight you and your organization as an STI participant. 


Under the format of a short testimonial, we will share your answer to one or more of the questions below along with your logo and a photo of you on our social networks. 


The intention: our goal is to share sincere and authentic testimonies from our participants about their commitment, the challenges they faced along the way, the questions they asked, and the hopes they raised. We therefore encourage you to respond in a spontaneous and authentic manner (as an example; read the sincere words of Jean-Marc Fillistorf, CEO of Gammadia SA).

Here is an example of the visual that we will use to share your testimonials (Instagram, LInkedIn & Facebook) 

Example of testimonial with low-quality image:

Testimonial (IG) (2).png
Testimonial (LinkedIN) (2).png

Example of testimonial with a high-quality image:

Testimonial (IG).png
Testimonial (IG) (1).png
Testimonial (LinkedIN).png

We will notify you by email to validate the content before we publish your testimonial.


Once published, we will notify you so that you can see it and share it with your community.

Please answer one or more of the following questions (remember, the more authentic your message, the more engaging it will be!):

Please upload a high quality photo of yourself in .png format.

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Would you be interested in sharing your experience at one of our events or workshops?

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