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1 Prioritization Workshop




1 Prioritization Workshop

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Thematic Events

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Thematic events are related to the second step of our program. They are available throughout the year, and STI participants are free to take part in any number of these workshops. 

Thematic events aim to cover specific topics that your business could benefit from. These workshops are organized with experts in their field to bring you the very best knowledge.

STI Participants, (pending) B Corps and B Leaders can attend Thematic Events for free. Other participants can also join but are asked financial participation of CHF 30.-.

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Co-hosted events

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Les entreprises et le monde d’après - hub neuchâtel - FR

Thursday 23rd September 2021  17:30 - 19:00

Comment les chaînes de valeur peuvent-elles se réorganiser pour prévenir les changements futurs ? Quels sont les avantages pour une entreprise à s’inscrire dans la durabilité ? Le tourisme suisse doit-il se réinventer ? Comment concilier finance et durabilité ?

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