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Encouraging Eco-Friendly Habits: Sustainability at the Children's Table

From a values-based corporate strategy to preparation in the in-house production kitchen, to the delivery of meals using vehicles with solar panels on the roof: menuandmore supplies approximately 580 lunch tables in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In addition to ensuring that their menus taste delicious, they also place a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Together with other companies and organizations, menuandmore has chosen to become more sustainable as part of the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) program. Specifically, the company has focused on the two SDGs 12 and 13.

Over 50% of the dishes on offer are vegetarian

Around 90% of the environmental impact associated with an average diet is attributed to the food itself. This has led menuandmore to focus attention on more vegetarian and plant-based alternatives. These are intended to contribute to the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of the dishes by 30% by 2030 (compared to 2019). The increasing demand for veggie menus, which has risen by 8% in recent years, demonstrates that this is the right path.

Preventing Food Waste

Menuandmore is determined to reduce avoidable food losses to less than 10% by 2030. To prevent food waste, only the quantities necessary according to the recipe and order are purchased. If surplus meals are still produced, they are donated to charitable organizations.

With these initiatives, menuandmore joins the list of companies that have made it into the STI directory and are working together to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Examples of goals and measures defined by menuandmore. (Source: STI)

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