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Paving the Way for a More Sustainable Strategy

Kessler & Co. AG provides consultancy services in risk management, insurance, and retirement planning. Founded in 1915, this family-owned company now employs over 330 people and is headquartered in Zurich.

Transparency and Sensitization at the Forefront

As part of the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) program by B Lab Switzerland, Kessler identified various opportunities to advance selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a service provider, they focus on reducing their CO2 emissions, ensuring the well-being of their employees, and raising awareness among their customers and partners about sustainability.

Starting with SDGs 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth and 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, Kessler has set a goal to disclose the ESG ratings of their key suppliers to their customers—an ambitious task, as ESG ratings are often unavailable today. Additionally, by 2030, the company aims to halve its CO2 emissions and achieve the Net-Zero goal in alignment with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which is based on SDG 13 - Climate Action.

Energy Efficiency Renovation of the Headquarters

"Our formulated goals should not remain mere objectives. Together with B Lab Switzerland, we have developed measures to ensure that we will diligently implement our plans, turning words into actions." Robert Kessler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kessler & Co. AG

The implementation includes not only analyses and reports but also concrete plans to source electricity from renewable energy and assess the feasibility of energy efficiency renovations for the headquarters and heating and ventilation systems.

Nachhaltigkeitsziele, Versicherungen,  Risiko Management, Insurance, Vorsorge, Nachhaltige Zukunft, Nachhaltigkeitsbericht, Massnahen für einen Nachhaltigen Wandel, Umweltbewusst
Excerpt from the goals and measures defined by Kessler. (Source: STI)


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