In the face of 21st century challenges, it is key for businesses to secure a prosperous future, through minimizing their impact on the planet and delivering value to their customers, employees and society.

This is why we developed the Swiss Triple Impact program.

A simple, three step process to make businesses future-fit and accelerate the transformation of the Swiss economy towards a resilient ecosystem. 

Step 1: Introduction

Learn why the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are valuable for your business, and how you can benefit from the Swiss Triple Impact.

Step 2: STI Participant

Identify how your business can leverage the opportunities ahead, set goals and take concrete pledges on how your business will contribute to the SDGs.

Step 3: Listed STI Directory member

Join the STI Directory as a listed member, demonstrating your commitment to the SDGs to your stakeholders.

What ?

  • Work with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a Business Framework​ and develop a clear SDG roadmap

  • Measure your social & environmental impact and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Take Action, be a part of a leading network

Why ?

  • Join a global movement of businesses measuring and improving their social and environmental impact

  • Increase trust with your stakeholders while managing your risks and reducing your costs

  • Create a future-fit business

How ?

For who ?

  • Swiss companies of all sizes, sectors and regions

  • Designed for newcomers and sustainability experts

Join the first workshop for free.



Start your Swiss Triple Impact journey with a free introduction workshop.


  • ​Identify the opportunities the 2030 Agenda can offer and how the SDGs can provide a roadmap for your business' sustainability strategy

  • Introduction to the SDG Action Manager tool

1-hour workshop

Free of charge



After having done Step 1 you can complete your enrolment in the program as STI Participant.

  • ​​​Register and attend 2 half day workshops to integrate socio-environmental sustainability in companies’ strategy​

1. SDG Prioritization workshop​ : share your SDG Action Manager results, find your priority SDGs, recognize the risks and opportunities, clarify your goals and actions

2. Implementation workshop: coordinate your action plans, clarify your next steps in regards to the STI directory


  • Engage in concrete actions 

  • Learn from peers and share good practices

  • Identify and create new business opportunities by working on your business model in relation to the SDGs

2 x 1/2 day workshops

Financial contribution requested

Get access to thematic events: deep dive into specific topics with subject matter experts

Listed STI Directory member


When Step 2 has been completed companies can sign up to be listed in the STI Directory


  • Completion of the Swiss Sustainability B_enchmark

  • Individual performance review by B Lab Switzerland 

  • Registration as Member of the STI national directory: recognition of Swiss Triple Impact members that have taken concrete pledges for the SDGs

  • Events at the regional and national level to celebrate achievement

  • Be part of a leading network and create new business opportunities: gain visibility and credibility

Publicly listed and visible

Financial contribution requested


Fees of the Program (from 22/04/2021)

Matrix - EN.PNG


More Growth

  • Increase your financial performance by implementing a sustainability strategy.

  • By redesigning products and services to innovatively solve social and environmental challenges you will discover new business opportunities.

  • Differentiate your business by truly embedding sustainability to the core of your activity.

  • Meet the standardized requirements of the socio - environmental criteria used in public procurement. 


More Trust

  • By integrating sustainability principles to your business model you build trust with a range of stakeholders. Using the SDG Action Manager - an internationally trusted tool - to elaborate your action plan allows you to achieve credibility.


  • Taking action for social and environmental issues will allow you to attract and retain talent - in particular millennials -  while also improving job satisfaction for your current employees.

trust 2.jpg

Less Risks

  • Sustainability at the core of a business improves the resilience to external changes, adaptability and the speed of recovery. 

  • Companies with sustainability at the core of their agenda are better prepared to anticipate and react to regulatory changes.

  • Strengthen your supply chain by making use of sustainable resources.


Less Costs

  • Lower energy consumption, reduction of waste and an efficient use of resources results in short-term cost savings.

  • By changing your business practices ahead of sustainability regulations you can reduce your future costs through the efficient use of resources, lower carbon emissions and lower waste production.


See the participants that have already started the STI Program

The UN's 17 Sustainable Goals and the SDG Action Manager

The SDG Action Manager : an Internationally recognized tool


The SDG Action Manager is a free web-based impact management solution which was developed by B Lab in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact. 

This tool, which is translated in 5 languages, enables businesses to take action on the SDGs.


All types of businesses worldwide can set goals, track their progress and measure their contribution to the 17 Sustainable Goals and the 2030 Agenda.